ENG Package

This package is for on the go shooting. It is very high quality, and very rugged, with the ability to fly anywhere as carry on luggage. This package is suitable for interviews, reality, documentary, commercials, infomercials, industrial videos, or any smaller scale mobile location sound needs.




Sound Devices 788t 8 track SSD recorder

Lectrosonics Digital Wireless Microphones

Two Transmitters included with ENG package. Extras available at competitive rates


Several Boom Mics to choose from:



Schoeps CMIT

Sennheiser 416

Sennheiser MKH50, MKH60 & MKH815T Boom Microphones

Schoeps CMC4/MK41 Boom Microphone



This package is very diverse, and is suitable for Feature Film production, Reality show multitracking, DVD and Blu-Ray commentary, Multi-Camera live to tape programming, live concert recording, or any multitrack location sound needs. This is a premium equipment package that delivers 8, 16 or more tracks of 24 bit audio with SMPTE Time Code and multiple redundant backups.

Includes above equipment, plus:

Carbon Fiber Sound Cart

The World's only Carbon Fiber Sound Cart



Sound Devices 788T 8 Track TC SSD recorder


Lectrosonics Octopack Digital wireless system


Denecke TS3 Smart Slate

Comtek Audio Monitors!!!

Black Magic Smartview Duo monitor for up to 2K monitoring!

Magliner Production Cart and Follow Cart


More equipment is available

for specialty purposes.

Anything we do not personally own

can be easily rented from:

Trew Audio

Location Sound

Audio Department

Wilcox Sound & Communications