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Cast and crew of Honeymoon 2013 Hendersonville, NC

Cast and crew of Electric Slide 2012 Point Dume, Ca

Esprit Commercial shoot with Arri Alexa camera on Technocrane

Esprit Commercial shoot wide shot

At Cowboys stadium for the Manny Pacquiao fight for AMC's "Wild Card"

Manny Pacquiao training for his 8th title at Wild Card Gym

Legendary boxing trainer, and owner of Wild Card Gym, Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach training boxers at "Wild Card" Gym

Interviews for NOVA Fabric of the Cosmos

The sound cart on the set of "From The Head"

Jon Polito on the set of "From The Head"

Matthew Lillard on the set of "From The Head"


Shooting in Death Valley with Obselidia

At the 2009 LA Auto Show with Ford Motor Co.

Geared up for the race!

Ford Story Crew with Champion Off Road racer Rod MacCachren at the 2009 Lucas Oil Off Road Championship, Lake Elsinore, Ca


Curley Sound Cart at Big Vision Studios PSA for Green Planet 6x6 Panel Lite in the background

At the 2009 Academy Awards with Jay Silverman Studios and TVOne

Rainn Wilson playing around on a promo shoot for "The Rocker" and

Interview with Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown

Interviewing Bermuda Premiere Ewart Brown for TVOne

Working in Bermuda

Working in Bermuda Rocks!

Shooting on a yacht for Current TV

Tom working with the RED ONE camera on "Zachariah"

Working on "Melancholy Baby" with the RED Cinema camera

Tom on the JL Fisher Boom

Fisher Boom training at J.L. Fisher in Burbank, Ca


Recording the Rock The Bells Tour, San Bernadino, 2006

Me & George Clooney

Tom Curley, George Clooney, Brian Greenberg and Grant Heslov after shooting Unscripted Episode 2

Aretha Franklin

Interview with Aretha Franklin for TVOne

Henry Rollins after appearing on Current TV

Henry Rollins visits Current TV

Miking Rock legend Ray Manzarek at Current TV

Miking Ray Manzarek of The Doors for Current TV

Snoop Me & Lil Jon

Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon shooting "Boss'n Up"

Snoop and friends on the Music Video shoot for "Step Yo Game Up"

Snoop, The Archbishop Don "The Magic" Juan, and Lil Jon shooting the music video for "Step Your Game Up"

Me in the back of Snoop Doggs ride!

Snoop Dogg driving and Tom riding in Back of the "Snoop Deville" on "Boss Playa"

Dragon Wars Stills:


Boom Op Keith Birchfiel, Tom Curley, CAS, and Utility Dereck Cloud with Abrams Tank

Robert Forster as "Jack"


Technocrane, Guns and Tanks in Downtown LA


Military vehicles in Downtown LA


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Cast and Crew of "Animated American"

Nikki Sixx

On the Irwindale Speedway with G4 TV...

G4 TV 2004 Drift Challenge

Me and Snoop

Snoop on a Segway for "Boss Playa"

Josh Waller, Director/Lead "Escape"

Josh Waller in "Escape"

In the desert on "ESCAPE"

Filming a fight scene in Lake Mirage, Ca

Richard Riehley on "Hot Tamale"

Richard Riehle on "Hot Tamale"

Diora Baird and Randy Spelling on "Hot Tamale"

Diora Baird and Randy Spelling on "Hot Tamale"

Working on the 65mm EMVF musical film

Working on a 65mm Music Video

Mic setup for 65mm "Movies for your Ears" featuring a 40 piece drum set

Mic setup for 65mm Music Video

Me at the San Diego Air Force base

FA/18 Fighter Jet as seen in "American Heroes"

The USS Bonhomme Richard

The USS Bonhomme Richard

A C-130 Cargo plane

A C-130 Cargo Plane

This was staged

This was a setup

Elephant! ...Me and "X-Files" star Dean Haglund on "Stage Kiss"...Me and Scott Bakula...

Working in a mobile production studio...Me and Galen at the Batcave...Sharon Stone at the 2004 Emmy Awards...My boom op, Michael Dalmon...Eric Roberts on "Comedy Hell"...Brian Dunkleman, Scott LaRose, Chris Nelson, and Eric Roberts on "Comedy Hell"...Mike Dalmon on set......Cart in Vegas...Vegas Commercial...Working with ET...Set of "Good Chemistry"...Camera Crew of "Good Chemistry...Set of "Good Chemistry"...

Me and Shelley DuVall