Production Sound Mixer

Los Angeles, Ca

(323) 304-4962

Resume at www.curleysound.com/resume.html

I have over 15 yrs production experience, Inducted into IATSE in 2002, and CAS 2008


CommercialMusic Video rate: $75/Hr/8Hrs, 1.5x OT till 10Hrs, 2x OT after 10Hrs plus Cart Equipment

Narrative rate: $65Hr/10Hrs, 1.5x OT till 12Hrs, 2x OT after 14Hrs plus Cart Equipment

EPK/Interview rate: $50Hr/10Hrs, 1.5x OT till 12Hrs, 2x OT after 12Hrs plus ENG/Cart Equipment

Playback Rate: $50Hr/10Hrs, 1.5x OT till 12, 2x OT after 12 plus Playback Equipment

Reality/Doc Rate: $50Hr/10Hrs, 1.5x OT till 12, 2x OT after 12 plus ENG Equipment


Union rates are as negotiated with your contract



Sound Devices 688 16 track Time Code Recorder

Sound Devices CL-12 Mixer

Sound devices 788t 10 track time code recorder
Sound devices CL8 & CL9 mixers as needed

Sound Devices 633 ENG/backup recorder

Lectrosonics Venue2 (6)Receiver rack

Lectrosonics Venue1 (6)Receiver rack
12x Letctrosonics wireless SMQV series with Octopak (2 units come with standard rate) & high gain antennae
Sanken COS11, DPA, Tram and Countryman lavaliers
2x Sennheiser MKH 50 & 60 Boom Mics
2x Schoeps CMIT and MK41 Boom mics
Comtek 216 wireless headsets (4 standard) *We'll get as many as you need.

Lectrosonics IFB systems (2)
Denecke TS3 time code slate & TS-C miniature smart slate
Various cables and adapters
2x 8" TFT HD/SDI monitors
Battery backup & distro
Magliner cart and Carbon Fiber upright cart
Playback speakers as needed

Bag/Cart rental packages available at competitive rates.

Extra comteks at $15/day each.

Wireless mics available at $90/day each.

Time code sync boxes available at $60/Day each.

Wireless camera hops at $120/Day per camera.

Playback available. Call to discuss needs/rates.

*Additional fees may apply as needed

Additional terms:

Travel days are billed at 1/2 total negotiated day rate including equipment

Work/travel days are billed portal to portal at negotiated rate including travel to and from residence and/or hotel

Cancellation of a work day within 24 hours of scheduled start time will result in a 1/2 day cancellation fee

Payment is due no later than 30 days from completion of work and/or submission of invoice. Failure to pay on time will result in late fees of 1% total bill per day thereafter