Damien Chazelle

Director "Whiplash"

"It was SO great working with you on Whiplash! I was floored by your work, and I can't thank you enough for being such a pro. I know this wasn't the easiest show, especially sound-wise :), and I just think you did an amazing job." 10/6/13

Nicolas D. Harvard

AD "Whiplash", "The Spectacular Now", "From The Head", "Losing Control"

"Sound is half a movie, and Tom fights hard for it on set. He gets the post people everything they need, without ever getting in the way. He's a true collaborator." 6/24/2010

Diane Bell

Director "Obselidia"

"Thanks Tom, I think you're going to be proud of your work on this - you really should be. You did a stellar job." 10/06/09

Maria Burton

Producer of Ford Stories Campaign

"Hi Tom & Brian, Just wanted to let you know our editor keeps praising you -- saying your sound is a JOY to work with! GREAT JOB!!! Thanks again!


The Burton 5 " 9/24/09

Raffi Bagdasarian
Executive Director, Sony Pictures Television Inc.

“I hired Tom as the sound mixer for my first 35mm shoot. We had a top-notch, 100% pro crew and Tom was no exception. He's got a great ear, excellent equipment and knows how to handle himself with utmost professionalism on set. Having put my own money on the line, I was able to sleep well at night knowing Tom would be on set on time, prepped and ready to work. After the shoot, I was able to sleep well knowing the production audio was perfect. I'd definitely hire Tom again.” January 2, 2008 “After working with Tom on two high-end shoots, I've come up with a new nickname for him: 100% Curley. The 100% has many meanings, but chief among them is that he generally gets you 100% usable sound (even in difficult locations), but more than that he is 100% professional.” March 12, 2009

Lee Ascher
Production Sound Mixer

“Thomas is a top-notch mixer with a great attitude and work ethic. Thomas can provide excellent production sound in every situation and environment.*” August 7, 2008

*Not every situation or environment are conducive to Good sound

Bobby Leigh

“Tom has worked for me as a Production Sound Recordest on at least 4 Films. He is very professional and always my first call. I trust him very much and would hire him again and again. Thank You, Bobby Leigh Producer Stripped Down” January 2, 2008

Nate Barlow

“Thomas is an excellent sound mixer, a complete professional in every regard and a pleasure with which to work. I would not hesitate to hire him again and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a production sound mixer.” January 2, 2008

Greg Reid

“As a producer and director, I had the good fortune to have Tom Curley’s services on two of my film projects (Most recently an Independent Film Channel award winning short film). Tom is always on time and always thinking one step ahead of the production shot list. In the past he’s worked with my budget constraints and contributed great ideas from a technical standpoint. His character runs deep. He was gracious enough to recommend other sound mixers at times when he had booking conflicts on my production dates. Tom not only has the technical skill set to deliver a quality end product, his personable and professional attitude make him a true all-around team player. Because of these traits, Tom has become my first line sound man on all of my projects and he gets my highest recommendation.” January 2, 2008

Gabrielle Burton

“Tom is a great guy with extensive knowledge and experience in sound work. We met him before he became a mixer, and his work ethic and drive are admirable and clear. He's a reliable guy who's nice to work with, and we'll hire him again.” January 3, 2008

Maria Burton


“We've worked with Tom on two projects and he is terrific -- we look forward to working with him again.” January 3, 2008

Susan Dretzka

“Thomas is my go-to guy for any project I work on. If he's not available I even consider redoing the schedule so I can have him on board. A delight to work with.” January 3, 2008

Joe Guidry
Director, Current TV Network

“Thomas knows sound! His work speaks for itself! And so does his sound package! He has whatever you need! And he's great to work with!” January 3, 2008

Tom Camarda
co-owner, Flicker Films (business partner)

“Tom Curley is an outstanding mixer. He's knowledgeable, fast and completely professional. He's also technically very savvy and owns high quality up-to-date equipment. I don't think I've ever spoken the words "waiting on sound" when working with Tom...” January 4, 2008

Deborah Lintz

“I founded Film Outreach LA, through which professional filmmakers mentor at-risk youth through the making of their own short films, and Tom generously volunteered his time on a 16mm short film by eight teenage girls who lived in a group home. Tom is professional, patient and meticulous, and the sound for the short film is excellent. I really enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him.” January 6, 2008

Renetta Amador
Script Supervisor

“Tom Curley and I have worked together on productions in the motion picture industry. Tom is an excellent sound mixer. Many of his skills include paying attention to details, working well with the talent and seeing to their needs, as well as being a team player and always providing accurate notes. Tom brings with him an experienced crew that has just as positive of an outlook as he does. I would highly recommend him for any production in the industry!” January 7, 2008

Peter Hanson
Freelance Film Professional

“Thomas is a gifted sound technician with a refreshing blend of artistry and mechanical ability. I recommend him wholeheartedly to any filmmaker and/or production entity because of his ability to listen to sound both for artistic and technical merits.” January 14, 2008